Sealtex Bit Tape
Sealtex Bit Tape
A self-sealing bandage tape that will not cling to skin or hair and does not absorb water. Suitable for bandaging and repair jobs, it is stretchy and sticks to itself but also has a rubber like quality making it more tacky for stirrups. The best wet-track bandage as it is the only bandage that is completely unaffected by water, won’t clog with mud, does not require fasteners of any kind and will...
LeMieux Hay Tidy Bag (Black)LeMieux Hay Tidy Bag (Black)
LeMieux Hay Tidy Bag (Black)
Perfect for using in the stable, lorry and trailer, the LeMieux ProKit Hay Tidy Bag helps to prevent wastage of hay. Easy to fill with a large top opening Durable high quality fabric Essential for all horse owners