AeroChill Horse Cooling BootsAeroChill Horse Cooling Boots
AeroChill Horse Cooling Boots
Using the Aerochill Cooling Boot The Aerochill cooling boot is for use after strenuous exercise. The Aerochill Cooling Boot is designed to the shape of a horses leg and fetlock, so that it will help support and reduce typical after-workout swelling. The Aerochill Cooling Boot can be re-activated over and over again by simple soaking in cold water. Initially soak for 10-15 mins and regenerate with...
Equilibrium Therapy Hot & Cold Packs (Pouches Only)Equilibrium Therapy Hot & Cold Packs (Pouches Only)
Equilibrium Therapy Hot & Cold Packs (Pouches Only)
Re-usable packs for hot or cold therapy, which easily attach to the lining of the Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Range. Use Cold Therapy for strains, sprains, bumps, bruises and post exercise. Use Hot Therapy for relaxation, muscle spasm, joint stiffness and to warm up prior to exercise. Use Combined Therapy for muscle tension or discomfort. Contains 2 x Hot/Cold Packs and Pouches. Please...

Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages (Grey)Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages (Grey)
Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages (Grey)
COMES IN PAIR OF TWO BANDAGES Regular size: 12.5 cm x 275 cm / 5" x 108" Pony size: 9 cm x 185 cm / 3,5" x 73" Incrediwear Equine Circulation Exercise Bandages fit comfortably around the horse's leg and are created to help prevent injury, accelerate recovery time and improve performance. Secured with a reliable Velcro strip. Used for: Workouts; Injury recovery; Instant...
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NAF Ice Cool Gel
NAF Ice Cool Gel
The NAF Ice Cool Gel is a super cooling gel which cools and freshens your horse's legs after hard work or strenuous exercise. Contains cooling agents design to reduce body and muscle temperature. Apply liberally to the full length of the legs and tired muscles after heavy exercise or work on hard ground. Does not contain menthol, menthone, peppermint or menthol derivatives. Contains - Alcohol denat....
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